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The list of products and services are not limited to estate planning, here are just a few of the more sought after schemes that Wills and Wealth Management can provide:
Discounted Gift Trusts
Unlike most DGT's our scheme allows any investment bond to be assigned to the Trust and later rebrokered when it is beneficial to your client to do so. Properties such as buy to let portfolios can also be conveyed into the Trust.

Gift Trusts / Reciprocal Gifting
Trusts can be used to protect gifts for the client's bloodline. We can also consider reciprocal gifts between husband and wife (civil partners) so that two Nil Rate bands can be gifted.

Absolute Trusts
Used to assist with Capital Gains Tax mitigation with property notably in parents / children's ownership but not resided in by the owner and so unable to use Principle Private Residence Relief.

Pension Death Benefits Trusts
Pension death benefits / Death in Service can be nominated to these Trusts which allows the beneficiaries immediate access to the funds but without it forming part of the beneficiary's estate. This strategy also ensures that the pension death benefits is outside of the deceased's estate for IHT purposes.

Life Assurance Trusts
Life assurance policies can be assigned to these Trusts and unlike the Life Companies own trusts ensure that the assets do not enter the beneficiary's estate and are protected against future claims. Once again, this strategy also removes the amount of life assurance form the policy holder's estate for IHT purposes.

Multiple Trusts
Tailor made planning can be administered by the use of multiple trusts. In order to plan against and avoid future periodic charges (Rysaffe) Pilot trusts must be established on different dates.

RISK WARNING The government are currently consulting on the taxation of multiple Trust arrangements

Offshore Planning
We are also able to provide high net worth clients with offshore planning (the value of the family home, businesses and investment property can all be included in their offshore assets)
Estate Planning Reports
We are able to provide your clients with tailor made Estate Planning Reports considering onshore and offshore planning strategies.

Cross Option Agreements
This is essential business succession advice for your clients and unlike most standard cross option agreements the planning is extended to ensure that the life assurance benefits do not enter either the surviving business partner's estate or estate of the surviving spouse / beneficiary of the deceased partner by using Shareholders Trusts.

Business / Agricultural Trusts
Trusts are established to receive business or agricultural
assets which have Business Property Relief or Agricultural
Property Relief. Multiple Trusts would be set up to ensure
that on the sale of a business or farm, periodic and exit
charges are minimised.

Stamp Duty Land Tax Scheme (SDLT)
The mitigation of stamp duty on properties valued over
500k whether they be residential or commercial has proven
to be a winner with clients and in the current market
provides them with a reason to use you as the mortgage
broker as opposed to any other.

For more info call 0114 2581 839 or e-mail info@willsandwealthmanagement.co.uk
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